Friday, 28 February 2014

Warhammer Visions: March edition sneak peek

Laid my hands on the second Warhammer Visions today and had a quick look through the pages. And as everyone probably know it´s mostly about Dwarfs. It all starts with the Latest Releases where we get to see what we´ve already seen, provided that you read the february editions of White Dwarf Weekly. 

Some of the pictures following will show up the wrong way since blogger decides to flip it by despite they are correct on my hard drive. They may be a bit blurry since I took them with my phone at work

Then there is the Forge World pages presenting their latest releases consisting of 40k only. I wish they could release some Fantasy more frequently:

Then we have the Army of the Month chapter consisting of the Imperial Guard. Impressive work as usual:

Here comes the best part, the Parade Ground, 52 pages of goodness. I know, everyone says that you can find pictures on the internet. I say it´s not even close to the same thing as having it on print. Call me old fashioned, but a screen just don´t do it for me.

Over to the next chapter; The Battle Report I guess it would be called. Not that it is a battle report, only more pictures of Dwarves with a minimum of text saying nothing. A few shots of the opposing army, Skaven in this case (I want to emphasis few shots).

Moving to the Kit Bash. Not much bashing it seems, mostly green stuffing in the cracks. Edit: Ok, maybe there is some conversion done here, I´m not famailiar enough with 40k but after skimming through it again I see that there are parts from other models:

Then there is the Blanchitsu. Wish that the text was left. Well there is text, about a sentence per page. Would be nice to read about how they thought whne creating these models:

This is followed by a showcase of some Kabal Armies and even more Dwarfs. The grand finale is made out of the Paint Splatter section, don´t expect anything new here, it´s only the WD Weekly gathered in one spot:

So what is the verdict? Well, you could get this edition if you haven´t read the WD Weekly editions already. If you have i wouldn´t recomend it, only for the Parade Ground maybe or if you want to get better close up pictures of the Dwarf models. You could also have use for it if you have too much money and need something to spend it on.

Have a pleasant weekend, I won´t for sure. Work awaits.

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