Thursday, 27 February 2014

Hammer Time! (and some sprues)

Oh yeah!

Was about to start painting on some Khorne Warriors today and take pics of the process while at it for a Step by Step. But as i stood there, brush in my hand and all, i recieved a letter that my package had arrived. Well, that put an end to my thoughts of painting as i laid my hands on these fine looking magazines:

Found them on Ebay for about £11, twelve issues of glory all in all, hardly touched by human hands. A fair price if it weren´t for the shipping that added £5 but still affordable considering the quality of the content. It´s such a huge difference between WD today compared to 4 years ago.  The painting tips were awesome. Lots of terrain tips and tutorials, in depth army tactics and lots of fluff. What happened? Guess that´s a question you can ask yourself about the quality of pretty much everything today, so no hard feelings Games Workshop. It´s all ´bout the money nowadays.

Khorne will have to wait, twelve issues of White Dwarf on the other hand can´t wait. But after that I´ll make sure to put up that Step by Step (unless i fail miserably with the painting) At least I managed to put up some pictures of the contents of the Warriors of Chaos box, you can find it here here.


  1. Decent purchase!

    I still have some White Dwarfs from 1994 when I was first into Warhammer. Have to say the magazine was enjoyable to read compare to what it is now. The present WD seems like lazy journalism, but I haven't read the weekly one yet.

  2. I really can't recommend the WD Weekly, unless you´re interested in excatly what´s on the cover. Battle reports are pictures only (almost) and the painting section is crap. On the other hand you get what you see unlike the old GW so you can save a penny. But i really enjoyed the old ones up to issue 250 something. That seems to be the breakpoint when they shifted to the simplified painting tutorials and removed the 'Eavy Metal section.