Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Chaos Warrior musings

Planning ahead for the next units to paint as soon as the Marauders are finished. Chaos Warriors are next in line and they are bringing me headaches before I´ve even started on them. Don´t get me wrong, I love painting, it´s the decisions I don´t like. Basically I only have to decide between two different styles. The Colorful one and the not so colorful.

For the colorful one i was thinking of going for one of the usual colors corresponding to one of the Chaos Gods prefered colors. Don´t want to go for the garden gnome style with too strong colors. I´m thinking a muted color cheme, putting some browns into the color to take the edge from it. I´ve previously painted up three of the low budget version, Hobo Warriors from Hell (the three for £6 ones). They are actually the second models that I´ve ever painted so hopefully the upcoming models will be smoother and the colors not screaming "HAPPY UNICORNS GOOO!" in your face. None of these are complete since I tried out different styles. Here goes, be gentle:

Went for a try at the not so colorful style yesterday. Snatched a shield from an unsuspecting Chaos Warrior and tried to get a rusty feel to it. Some corrections needs to be done, maybe a bit more orange to it, but overall it looks okay. The problem I have with this style is that I don´t have a clue how to handle highlights on the model. No problemo on the colorful ones but here.. hmm. Dunno. Time for more experiments. But they are really quick to paint. Here is the stolen shield:

Getting back to the last Marauder heads as soon as I get home from work *Think of a happy place*

Ok, time for the Minsc qoute of the day: 

"Take heart fellow adventurers, for you have curried the favor of Boo, The only miniature giant space hamster in the Realm"

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