Sunday, 2 February 2014


By Odins beard, what a day...

Got home from work yesterday (weekend schedule farting in my general direction) and decided to start working on the skin tutorial while cooking dinner. Who said that men don´t have simultaneous interpreting huh?
So i started putting down one layer of paint, take a photo of it and tending the tomato sauce while that first layer dried. Then over to paint the shadows- take a photo- set the pasta on cooking. Back to my paintstation, another layer, another photo, food etcetera.

Now that sounds all good right? It sure did... until I took a closer look on the photos. My daylight lamp that puts out whopping 2400 lumen had been a bit too close to the model. My lousy camera on the phone can´t compensate for light of a lesser sun so my Marauder looks lika an albino in the desert and I had to scrap the photos. Fortunately I´ve got one last Marauder that still requires his gnarly torso to be painted. So on thursday I´m going to buy a tripod for my Nikon D3100 so I have better control over the pictures and this time I´ll make sure to take a look at the pictures.

Better get back to work.
Camaraderie, adventure and steel on steel. The stuff of legends!

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