Saturday, 22 February 2014

Chaos Marauder Horsemen Sprue Overview

Hey hey!

Been a busy week with no room for painting and I felt that I deserved a reward for being a good working man. So I went to my local Games Workshop retailer Iocus for a chat with the store owner. I can really recommend you to drop by that store if you by some crazy way should put your feet on LuleƄ soil.
Had a rummage  through the Warriors of Chaos shelf for something that would trigger my brains reward regions without emptying my bank accounts money regions. Actually, pretty much anything in miniature way triggers the former. 

Anyway. You can never have enough cavalry. And what is better than cavalry made out of ravaging mad men? Possibly ravaging mad men with striated torsos, froth foaming from their mouths I would say! So a package of Marauder Horsemen hit the desk together with a bottle of Druchii Violet wash (or shade as GW calls it) and Castellan Green. 

I decided to take a photo of the sprues before I went bat shit crazy on them with my scalpel. May be good to remember what you get from them for future converisions. Bits, the best a man can get! Here they are:

So what do we have here? Quite a lot I would say. You actually get two of the sprue above. Lots of chaos stars, hooks and skulls.... on chains!! Scrawny horses (no time for eating, just killing) and beefy torsos (lots of protein when your diet consists of blood n' guts). Not that you will have any left of those unless you´re going to use the Marauders as knock-kneed cowboys on foot and magic unicorns . Some classic Marauder flails, spears and axes plus gnarly arms.

And the third one:

Oh yeah, heads! Seventeen of them, twelve left when everything is assembled. I love the crazed bearded seniors. "What? Weapons?? I tear heads of with my toothless gums and strangle what´s left of their necks with my beard!" Then there´s one more starved horse, two alternatives for banners. Well, one banner or you can use the spiky bits. Shields- One will be left unless some mad bugger dual wields them. A battle horn made out of skulls from childrens (don´t know what else the small ones would be from). More axes, one of them twin bladed; for bad-asses only.

What can I say? Im very satisfied with what you get. There´s quite a bit left overs to convert some of my regular Marauders and/or Chaos Warriors. I think that the double axe is going to one of  my Warrior Champions.

Thats all for today, apart from a few well chosen words from Minsc:
"Go for the eyes Boo, GO FOR THE EYES!! RrraaaAAGHGHH!!!

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