Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Why not to buy Iwata from Ebay

Just... Dont do it!
I have learned the hard way. Bought mine from a seller stationed in Japan beacuse the price was way lower than here in sweden (we have to pay about 170£ if we buy it via a Swedish retailer). I was a bit worried that it could be a fake, but it looked authentic with the name engraved on the body and not printed. When I compared it to my friends Iwata Eclipse every part looked exactly the same. The only difference is that my friends airbrush works and mine does not. I don't like tho whine, but I would like to say that it's a pretty huge difference.

I tried everything in the book. We even changed the parts between our airbrushes. His worked with my parts, but mine didn't work with his parts. I took it apart completely but to no awail. Only thing i can think of is the gasket in the air valve that may interrupt the airflow in some way and causing it to skip. I took it apart but I couldn't see any obvious damage to the gasket. Otherwise it has to be the air canal that run through the body that's not correctly manufactured.

Warranty should be the best option, right? Well, it ain't. This is why you shouldn't buy your Iwata from Ebay, unless you can find the seller as an authorized retailer listed on Iwatas website. I cant press this enough, just.... just dont do it! That extra £ is totaly worth it. Anyway, now I've ordered a new one from www.spraypal.com and yes, they are a listed retailer so my 5-year warranty won't be void. Yay!

Turned out to be a very expensive airbrush in the long run and I've lost some of my creative spark during the process but I'm sure it will return to me when i receive my brand new gun.