Thursday, 13 February 2014

To Tzeentch or not to Tzeentch

Alrightie then. Got home from work today and painted up two more Marauder heads before my brain hit into a syntax error and went into a meltdown. Ok, Im exaggerating, it went pretty smooth with the eyes this time. Followed the tutorial that i mentioned in a previous post. You can find it at Awesome blogg filled with great tuts and articles that makes your soul cringe in envy.

Anyway, I had my fill of Marauders for the day and started on another Chaos Warrior shield. Went for a more vibrant color scheme this time, but tried to hold back and not go candy land style all over the place. It came out as a Tzeentch shield this time:

Just to make it easy for me I mixed some Winsor & Newton acrylic retarder into the paint to extend the working time, making it easier to do the gradient as I went for wet blending instead of layering. I just sketched out the gradient going over it with glazes later on to smooth it out a bit. The retarder is very viscous so the paint got a bit thick. Thinned it with a bit of water but it still made the surface a bit rough. But it´s only noticeable at close scrutinization so what the heck. It´s a game table army after all.
Overall I think it turned out quite nice. Would like to use another weathering technique next time. On this one Í just stippled the rust effect onto the surface and painted a few scratches. I´ve read a bit about weathering with hairspray so I think that´ll be my next project, probably Nurgle this time.

Thanks for now.
Minsc quoting time:
"I trust those who prey on children no farther than they can be thrown, even if I manage to throw them pretty far!"

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