Monday, 17 February 2014

Chaos Warriors revisited

Phew, what a weekend. Two days in a row of low self discipline. Started the friday evening as board game night that went out of hand when a friend decided to invite some more friends and all of a sudden alcohol consumption got into the picture. Saturday was planned as a night out with my work colleagues and also ended with shenanigans. Need I say that Saturday decided to get even, cursing me with mild head throbbing?

Despite the fact that my head was acting up I decided to defy its subtle warnings of doom if I as much as tried to use my brain. So I sat down by my trusty old paint station to get going on the color scheme for the rest of the Chaos Gods. Decided to go for nurgle this time. Papa Nurgle craves Nurglification so i put some pva-glue onto a shield and dripped super glue on top of it. A nice little trick i found on the net. The water in the pva is reacting with the super glue creating nice wrinkly patterns. Then i painted it in green/yellow/black tones.

It all turned out pretty decent. Didn´t put my soul into since my head was trying to kill me and I think it´s best that way, or it will take ages to paint a large number of models. Here is a pic:

But a shield doesn´t make a warrior so I pushed my luck and started on the Chaos Warrior bodies, hoping that my vengeful head wouldn´t take note of it. I decided that the Tzeentch shield had waited long enough and would be first in line to get a firm hand to hold it. Here I went for the same color scheme as the shield itself, or near enough. Here I ran into a problem, the shield and body kind of melts together as they go in the same color so I tried to darken the body with a dark glaze. Cant decide if I like it or not. Think I have to finish the whole piece first.

Next in line was the Warrior of Nurgle. Decided for a different approach on this one to get a bit more constrast against the shield. Since nurgle is the God of Decay I tried to paint the armor to look really rusty. More rust than metal in this case. Looks decent so far but I think I´ll try to darken the shadow areas further. Then I have to decide which theme to go for; Same color for shield and body or the one with rust (thinking of a shiny one for the Tzeentch with a faint blue glaze)

"We are the Knights who say NI!"

Going for Khorne next time, maybe the Blood God can remedy my skull, and lé grand finale with Slaanesh.

Minsc time!:  
"Then say it louder! We must inspire fear in evil! Quiet tales of hamsters are foolish, but a man and his hamster that tear evil limb from limb? That's scary!"

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