Bits and Sprues

Here´s a compilation of the sprues that I´ve bought and bits that I find extra interesting/good looking. Mostly for myself as it gives me easy acess instead of going to GW´s site but may serve a purpose for others too. More pics will come.


No customisation possible so no bits will be left:

Chaos Marauder horsemen

 Lots of options, leaves a good deal of bits:


Chaos Warriors

Skulls and spiky bits. 5 heads will be left over. Lots of weapons left if you go for shields. 

Or the other way around, lots of shields left over:

x3 (pic shows 2 separate)




Space Wolves Heads

These are bought from eBay, if you buy a Space Wolves Pack from GW you get 56 heads but i dont need the ones with helmets so usually it pays of to buy them from eBay if you´re picky. I got 7 (actually 10 if you count helmeted ones) for about £2.1 (or €2.5, $3.5 ). Price for 7 heads when buying the pack from GW would be £2.9 so yeah, it´s a good deal as you can get away without the helmeted ones and still at a lower price.


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