Friday, 31 January 2014

Painting Flesh

*Sigh* Decisions decisions. Still working on those Marauders and not one of them look the same. Been trying differrent color choices and technique for each one so its going to be a motley bunch. But after long last I´m drawing closer to a color scheme that I´m happy with. At the moment it stands between two choices that you will see on the picture below. A tutorial will come up later as soon as I decide which one to go for.

The guy on the left is a bit "meh". The middle one got smoother gradient on the skin while the far right got a greater contrast. The middle one is nicer on close inspection while the right really pops on the battle field since you can see the details of the musculature better. At the moment I think I´ll go for the right one. I could make the gradient smoother on that one also, but it would mean more layers and of course more time.

I can recommend the Lahmian Medium to anyone who haven´t tried it yet. It really makes the gradients easier than using only water to make glazes. While using water requires you to wipe off the brush a lot to avoid pooling, the Lahmian Medium lets you load the brush with a lot more fluid and it wont pool as much. At least thats my opinion. I guess there are a lot cheaper alternatives in the Winsor & Newton range for example. I just have to find out what their medium is called.

Better get back to work before anyone notice me loitering. Adieu!

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