Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Miniature Mounting

Today I´m about to show you how i prefer to mount my miniatures to facilitate the painting process. But first a word of warning: I´m probably doing it the same way as most of you do with some minor exception.

My favourite is a shaft from a shave brush that i found in the dumpster. Yes, I have a fetish for dumpster diving. I cleaned it thoroughly, mind you! Had to do a bit of advanced engineering to make the mounting easy. Things like cutting off the bristles (which i save for grasstufts, they are perfectly coloured for use as long, dead grass) And carve out the glue that held the bristles in place. A process that took quite a bit of violence and penetrating trauma with a drill. Some objects were hurt during the making. After enough brutality had taken place i jammed a cork into the gaping wound.

Another one is made of a large paint brush that i also removed the bristles from and glued a cork on its tip. It provides a firm grip and I can hold the miniature steady when painting details like eyes. I got a wee problem with shaky hands from time to time. Mainly beacuse of my diabetes when my sugar levels are low, or coffe intake of deadly proportions.

The rest are made of ordinary wine corks. The ones from sparkling wine are the best in my opinion. Good grip and brings that luxurious air. Real Champagne corks are of course the very top of the line, the Créme de la Créme. Just put on that flamboyant feather boa and set your butler to clean those kolinsky sable brushes hair by hair while sipping on that bottle of sparkly.
The priming stands are not quite as lavish- Bits of insualtion foam. Don´t want to mess up those Champagne corks.

Anyway, here they are. You can see that exclusive Champagne cork in the background. The far left is the mutilated shaving brush. Second is a Birra Baladin cork, i can really recommend that beer, and yes; the brand is really important for the painting!

Over and out!

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