Thursday, 23 January 2014

Mission Complete

Yesterday I executed my plans on priming in subzero temperature and it worked out suprisingly well, not like dog puke like i expected. The temp had dropped to meager -10 C.I kept the can a lot closer than i use to, about 10cm from the miniature compared to 20cm. Had to move the can a lot faster to prevent paint from pooling up on the model and I did it in pretty much complete darkness, waving around the bottle like a maniac on extacy, hoping for the paint to stick somewhere. The sun rise at 09:30 and goes down about 14:30 while I arrive from work about 16:30, poor me, life is harsh. Think I have to install a floodlight on the balcony.

Anyway, here´s a pic of the result:

The details are still there, no excessive paint pooling. If you look close there are some minor oddities, it kind of looks like the primer had problems sticking to some points. This is probably my own fault since I´ve been there with my dirty little fingers and not cared to do the mandatory washing of the heads. But overall I´m very pleased with the result and next time I´m going to try in colder weather.

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