Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Big Beastie

Alright. Got myself the Chimera model from Games Workshop two days ago and what can I say? Well, it´s an awesome looking model for sure and i think it´s going to be a bliss to paint it. The only cons I can think of is the somewhat static pose of the hind legs, I would have liked to see it with one of the legs tucked in closer to the body to make a better impression of a leap. Guess it´s leaping at the moment but it´s more like a "Meh, am I skipping or am I falling?" kind of leap. Probably beacuse it would put some strain on the mounting to the base with only one leg in contact. Could change the pose with some convertion but prefer to practice my conversion skills on cheaper models first.

The second con, thats not really a con, is that they could have put in a few more bits in the package. Only for the simple fact that leftover bits are awesome. GW´s Giant is a splendid example of bits bonanza. Everything from the leftovers can be used to scenery. Birds, barrels, cages, you name it. Going to incorporate one of the heads to one of my models. Giantslayers makes a nice visual impact. Just place it on the gaming board and all those pesky elf armies will run of the table.
Anyway, this is what the sprue look like:

Have not decided how I will paint it. Looking for interesting color choices on the net. I really like the purple/blue (blurple) on the cover, maybe I go for that. Otherwise I´ll try to use more animal like. Never seen a Zebra inspired one... The other decision is going air brush or paint brush. The air brush sollution, combined with paint brush, is probably the one giving best result. The drawback is that I´m in need of training with the air brush first. But challenges like that have never discouraged me so i think I´ll go for the latter.

Thats all for now. Next time I´ll show you how I mount my minis when painting them and show an alternative base concept.

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