Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Cleaning, Chimeras and Chaotic Cowboys

What a weekend, I actually got some stuff done for once.
Started my saturday with insane amounts of coffe to work up the steam before i woke up. Yup you read itright, my body goes on autopilot before my brain gets a good ol´ dose of caffeine kicking up ye olde body. At least thats how it feels sometimes. But i digress.

Anyway. It was a splendid day for more priming and I set to work on my Chaos Knights and was soon to be dissapointed.  I had assembled the horses and riders separatley to avoid hard to reach places during the painting. I shouldnt have done that... Turned out some of these Cowboys of Chaos hadn´t done their stretching properly so they can´t sit down in the saddle. Some of them looks like they are standing up a bit. Here comes a visual of it, the top one is the one with the stiff groin.

You learn as long as you live. Next unit I´m going to assemble the riders directly on the horses to hopefully avoid this. Will try to heat this one up in hot water and bend the hanging chains that jam against the horses armor. Dont know if it works on the other ones who were reluctant to stretching after their workouts.
Anyway they are comming together and i can´t wait to paint them. Getting tired of Marauders.

I also got other things done, important things. I posted a pic of my paint station earlier that was in a state of decay that would make grandfather Nurgle proud. Well, I let the god of rot down and converted to Tzeentch, the lord of change. And it sure did change i tell you. Have a look at this handsome looking bugger:

Mmm, fresh! This will greatly aid me in my quest for colouring.

On my way home from work I went by our local Games Workshop retailer. By accident I laid my eyes on a Chimera box. Shouldn´t have done that- My brain screamed "YES!" and my wallet wailed "NOOO!", but the force is strong with my brain. Brain wins. Going to write more about this bad ass lizard-lion-something later.

Keep that paint flowing.

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