Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Moar Bases!


Thought I would share another base concept that I´m working on. I´ve made some lava bases before that I´ve written about in a prevoius post. They turned out really well in my own oppinion but I would like to try another look that gives a greater contrast between the model and base so they hopefylly "pop" more. So after thinking of the classic themes I decided to go for snow/ice.

This is only a tryout. As usual I make it out of bark and later on I´m going to put some snow effect to it by mixing pva-glue with baking soda. During my tests to create a somewhat plausible snow I came up with a nice result using bicarbonate by strewing it over the pva-baking soda mix before it dries. Don´t know if you can get bicarbonate everywhere, but here in Sweden there is a difference between baking soda and bicarbonate even though it is the same chemicals. The bicarbonate are more crystallized than the soda and it doesn´t dissolve as easily in the pva-glue, therefore staying on top and giving a slightly sparkling look.

This is the result I came up with. No snow added yet. The snow is supposed to cover most part of the "snow block" only leaving parts visbile of the painted bark. The left picture is the same as the right but covered in a heavier blue glaze:

Going to try out another colour scheme, much darker, to imitate black ice. Something like the picture below. It´s taken a short walk from my apartment:

Ultimatley i would cast the "ice" with epoxy resin, mixing paint into it and do some transculent washes but it feels like it could be too much work. Maybe a thinner layer over the bark with epoxy, Vallejo Still Water or equivalent to create a feel of translucensy.
I´ll see how much time I care to spend on it. I´ll probably go for the lava base in the end.

Tally ho!

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