Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Pimp my Warrior

Long time no see.
Back at the paint rack at last. Been busy with work and rereation the past weeks. Took a ski tour to a cabin in the woods for some table rpg with old time friends and it was a blast. Lots of shenanigans for 3 days.

Anyway. While in the woods I loitered on ebay for a while and found some cheap Warhammer stuff for my Warriors of Chaos (or Marauders) and today they came to my mailbox. Bring out ze heads!:

Yep, Space Wolves Heads. Most of them are going to look good on my minis, not sure about the one with the helipad/flat top haircut. Looks bit too posh for a frothing maniac, but I can put him in the middle ranks just to get some extra diversity. There´s also some hi-tech armor plates on the back of the head, but thats not a problem, at least not on the Warriors since the fur trimming on the cloaks will hide them from view. Also got three helmeted heads that´s going into the bitbox of oblivion. I´ve got no plans whatsoever of turning to the dark side (40k).

Now over to another topic. I feel quite certain about which paintscheme to go for with my warriors now. Wrote about them in my previous post- The internet is for Khorne and I´m going for the dark red theme so the ever elusive step by step will be here in a near future.

Thats all!

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